What's New

What's New

Service Schedule during Christmas Holiday

Waukesha Metro will operate the following schedule during the Christmas Holiday:

December 24th (Christmas Eve)-

All Metro Transit Routes will operate as scheduled until 6:15 pm.  The last buses will leave the Transit Center at 6:15 pm.  The last Route 1 that will operate to Brookfield Square will leave the Transit Center at  5:15 pm.   Metrolift will operate until 6:45 pm. 

Waukesha County Transit Routes 901, 904, 905, 906 will operate as scheduled. 

Milwaukee County Transit Routes 10 and 79 will operate as scheduled

Waukesha County Paratransit will operate as scheduled. 


December 25th (Christmas Day)-

The following services will not operate:

Waukesha Metro or Metrolift

Waukesha County Transit Routes 901, 904, 905, 906

Waukesha County Paratransit Service

Milwaukee County Transit Route 79


Milwaukee County Transit Route 10 will operate a Sunday schedule.  

Happy Holidays!

Paper Waukesha Metro Tickets


As a reminder to all Waukesha Metro Transit passengers who still have Full, Student, Elderly/Disabled or Metrolift paper tickets in their possession; the drivers will not accept paper tickets as payment to ride the bus UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Passengers who wish to exchange their remaining paper tickets for current fare media (Ride Cards) can do so only at the Downtown Transit Center located at 212 E. St. Paul Ave. The days and hours of the week for exchanging tickets for current fare media (Ride Cards) are as follows:


Monday-Friday: 8:00AM- 4:30PM

Saturday: CLOSED

Sunday: CLOSED

  How to Use New Farebox Guide

Utilizando nuestras nuevas cajas de cobro


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Waukesha Metro 2013-2017 Development Plan Prepared by SEWRPC