Recycling and Rubbish Drop-Off Center

City of Waukesha Drop-Off Center

Located next to 900 Sentry Drive

The City of Waukesha Drop-Off Center is a service site for disposal of certain items.  There are three categories of items accepted: 1) recyclables, 2) yard material, and 3) bulky trash items.  Any Waukesha County resident may dispose of recyclables at the site, but only City of Waukesha residents may dispose of yard material or bulky trash (and these materials must come from WITHIN the City of Waukesha).  Fees apply for City residents bringing yard material and bulky trash.  Recycling is free for all City and County residents.

Current Public Hours:

Saturdays: 8 am to 4 pm. (please arrive by 3:45)

Wednesdays: 11 am to 7 pm. (please arrive by 6:45)

Fees at the Drop Off Center

Revised Rules for the Drop Off Center. (1-23-13)

This information for the public will be updated as necessary.

For Residents, Non-Residents, and Businesses:



Engine waste oil and filters Gasoline
Fuel oil from a home furnace Solvents
Newspaper - bagged or bundled Liquid Oil-Based Paint
Glossy magazines or catalogs - bagged or bundled  
Flattened 3' x 4' maximum corrugated cardboard  
Phone books  
Bagged household mail  
Glass bottles and jars  
Tin cans  
Aluminum cans  
Foil products  
#1 & #2 plastic household bottles  
Used antifreeze (from Waukesha County Residents only - not from businesses)  



For City of Waukesha Residents Only

Not for property owners not residing at the property,
unless they were given specific permission from the Engineering Department

Materials brought in must have been generated by the resident from work they have done themselves, not by a contractor or hired person except for carpeting. Carpeting removal by the resident or by a contractor is allowed.



Liquid latex paint, water-based paint and water-based driveway sealer  
Branches: up to 6' long and 6" diameter Commercial or industrial waste
Grass Clippings
Yard Waste:
Shrubs, weeds, thatch, flower and vegetable plants (with no fruit or vegetable attached), leaves, sod
Dry Wall Shingles