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What is the Waukesha Police Reserve Unit?

The Waukesha Police Reserve Unit is a group of highly motivated and interested citizens from the Waukesha area organized to assist the Waukesha Police Department in routine matters, emergencies, and during special events as needed. They are unpaid volunteers interested in serving their community by assisting the Police Department.

The unit is comprised of a civilian coordinator, appointed by the Chief of Police, and is comprised of a president, vice-president, and secretary-treasurer who are elected every two years by the membership. Members of the unit represent all ages and backgrounds and bring a variety of skills and experience to the organization.

Members of the unit have opportunities to be exposed to the many facets of police work by volunteering their services to the community.

What authority do Reserve Officers have? Do they wear uniforms?

Reserve officers are not sworn police officers, that is, they have no arrest powers and are not permitted to carry any weapons. Reserve officers are supplied a complete set of uniforms which is worn for all events except monthly meetings. Members are also supplied with Police 800 mhz radios during duty events.

Do members receive any training?

Reserves meet at the Police Range every first Monday of the month. At those meetings, a combined business meeting and training session is held. Training topics, presented by Waukesha Police Officers, include Traffic Control, Radio Procedures, CPR, First Aid, Meeting and Dealing with the Public, Crime Prevention, Crime Scene Preservation, Witness Identification and Gang Identification to mention just a few. Most of the reserves have also been trained as Community Emergency response team members. The entire Reserve Unit is also trained in the National Incident Management System.

At what types of events do Reserve Officers assist?

Besides the monthly meetings, Reserve officers assist in providing scheduled station tours to the public. Members also assist the Department with clerical duties as needed. Annual events are: Waukesha JanBoree - Trail breaker Marathon Run - Breast Cancer Walk/Run - Memorial Day Parade - High School Graduation Parking/Security - Fiesta Waukesha - July 4th Parade and fireworks - Waukesha County Fair traffic control - Carl Zach Cycling Classic - Waukesha Old Car Club Show - Friday Night Live - Waukesha Night Out Against Crime - Carroll University Homecoming Parade - Waukesha Christmas parade... and more. In addition to scheduled events, the Reserves assist at major incidents such as fires, accidents and crime scenes when needed.

Will being a member of the Reserves allow me to become a Waukesha Police Officer?

No. Although Reserve officers receive some training and have an opportunity to experience many things, the unit functions only as a support unit for the Department. Reserve officers must submit to the same application and selection process as any other qualified person seeking a sworn position.

What contact do Reserve Officers have with a sworn officers?

Sworn Waukesha Police officers provide most of the training at the monthly meetings. More often, Reserve officers interact with sworn officers at the various festivals, runs/walks, and other events.

A liaison officer from the Police Department assists coordinating activities. At special events, emergencies, or during routine matters, unit members are under the direction of an event coordinator, or a police supervisor who will assign duties and direct Reserve activities.

After one year of service with the unit and demonstrated participation in many events, Reserve officers are eligible to ride along in a squad with an officer on patrol. This opportunity provides Reserve officers with a chance to observe and experience police work first hand.

Who is eligible to join the Waukesha Police Reserves?

Applicants must be a minimum of 18 years of age, of good moral character, in good physical condition, be adaptable to police work and a resident of Waukesha County. City residents are preferred. All applicants must submit to a thorough background investigation.

For more information ...

Anyone interested in learning more about the Waukesha Police Reserve Unit or in filling out an application can either contact Lt. Joe Hendricks (262) 524-3766 or pick up an application at the station and return it to him.