Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch

Welcome to Waukesha's Neighborhood Watch Page. This is where you can start to help us organize a Neighborhood Watch in your neighborhood.

Concerned about crime? We are too, but we need your help to have a true effect on crime in your neighborhood. The Waukesha Police Department wants to work with you to make your neighborhood, and our entire community, a safer, better place to live. As our community continues to grow, it only stands to reason that crime too will grow. We can't stop growth, progress, or seal our borders. What we can do is recognize a potential problem and do our best to address it before it becomes a major issue. Together as a community, we can address this is through Neighborhood Watch.

What Neighborhood Watch does is help reduce the potential for crime in your neighborhood. We ask you and your neighbors to get together, get to know each other. You become familiar, and more observant about what is "normal" for your neighborhood. Then if you see someone, or something that is out of place, that appears suspicious, call the Police and allow us to check it out.

Neighborhood Watch is not about you taking police action, that's our job! It is about being an observant neighbor.

We will assist you in organizing your block watch, provide speakers for your meetings, and keep you informed on what is going on in our community and your neighborhood. Your block watch is set up by you and customized to your neighborhood needs. You decide how often to meet, where to meet, and what topics you want to learn more about.


Contact Specialist Neil or Specialist Christensen

  • (262) 524-3831