Fleet Watch


Fleetwatch is a program designed to increase emergency service's effectiveness through the cooperation of alert public service employees in the City of Waukesha. Public service professionals assigned to other responsibilities have become trained witnesses through training received by the Waukesha Police Department's Community Policing Unit. These added "eyes and ears" spread out through our ever growing city will notify the Waukesha Police Communications Center of potential crimes or missing children.

Public Service professionals spread throughout the city will also be notified through a Fleetwatch "Reversal" if the Police need to locate a lost child or serious suspect on the loose. Armed with this information, these municipal employees will focus their attention on this community safety priority.

All participating vehicles will be marked with a red, white, and blue "Fleetwatch" sticker. This sticker will have a deterrent effect on drivers violating traffic laws. It will establish the vehicle as a "safe haven" for children. It will also inform the public that the operator of the fleetwatch vehicle is trained to request emergency assistance.

If you have any questions regarding Fleetwatch please contact Sgt. Jerry Habanek at 524-3769.