Heyer Park

(C) (N) (SC) (S) (49.60 acres)

1121 Heyer Dr.

This is the City's second largest school-park site. This natural wetland environmental community, with compatible plantings, is located on the City's southeast side. The park contains ponds (2) that have been part of the Department of Natural Resources Urban Fishing Program. Park facilities include tennis courts (16) as part of the Woyahn Tennis Complex, an open play field, playground equipment, soccer/football fields, park shelter, paved pathways, and mowed trails to the ponds and wildlife.

Potential improvements include:
1. Continue to renovate and maintain Woyahn Tennis Complex.
2. Add park amenities (i.e. benches and tables).
3. Evaluate property on Grambling Drive and Sunset for park purposes.
4. Evaluate best use of old Playground Equipment/Area.