Commercial Construction Permit

 New Construction and Additions to Existing Building

New commercial building construction and additions to existing buildings require a building permit before construction begins. All plans submitted to our department we require an additional digital copy. For specific information, Click HereErosion Control Permits for Commercial Buildings are usually required. Please call Gabe Szecsy at (262) 524-3579 for more information.

You may need to have State Approved Plans if:

  • This is a new building or structure containing more than 5,000 square feet of total floor area.
  • This is an addition to a building or structure where the area of the addition results in the entire building or structure to exceed 5,000 square feet of total floor area.
  • This is an alteration of a space involving more than 10,000 square feet of total floor area.

Note: The use of 50,000 and 100,000 cubic feet of total volume in lieu of 5,000 and 10,000 square feet of total floor area  may be used provided calculations are included which will show the total volume.

Requirements for Obtaining a City of Waukesha Building Permit

  1. An erosion control permit from the City of Waukesha Engineering Department.
  2. Landscaping, transformer or sidewalk bonds (if required).
  3. Three sets of a survey with a "wet seal" and signature of the surveyor who did the survey.
  4. Three sets of building plans signed and sealed by a professional architect or engineer. Each set shall contain a plan view and a cross sectional view of the proposed construction. Plans shall be drawn to a scale of not less than 1/4" - 1' were required, the plans submitted to the City must be copies of the State Approved plans. One complete set of plans must also be submitted to the City of Waukesha Fire Prevention Bureau. A permit cannot be issued until plans have been reviewed and approved by the Fire Department.
  5. A completed and signed Building Permit Application. The names of the owner(s), building contractor and all sub-contractors must be listed. All mechanical contractors must be licensed by the City. You must also include the estimated building cost.
  6. For additions and alterations you will also need to fill out Comm. 69.10(3) and ADAAG 4.1.6(2) disproportionality form which shall be submitted along with the permit application. Click Here for an explanation of disproportionality. To view or download a disproportionality form click below:

PLEASE NOTE:  The above is in addition to the additional information and requirements spelled out in the adopted building codes (IDC).  

Click Here to download information on what is needed when submitting a Building Application.