Clerk-Treasurer Department

Office of the Clerk-Treasurer

The Clerk-Treasurer's Office strives to deliver the best possible service to the residents, Common Council, and to the staff of the City of Waukesha, while carrying out the duties and responsibilities required by Wisconsin State Statutes, City Ordinances and Common Council Resolutions.

Main responsibilities of the Clerk-Treasurer's Department Include:

  • Acts as a key liaison between the City Council, agencies, employees & citizens.
  • Coordinates & oversees the election process to include registration, voting, absentee voting, etc.
  • Hires and trains all election workers.
  • Maintains the Statewide Voter Registration System (SVRS) Database for the City of Waukesha.
  • Issues a variety of municipal licenses to include liquor licenses, bartender, taxi cab, secondhand dealer, etc.
  • Issues a variety of municipal permits to include sidewalk cafe, block party, special event, etc.
  • Provides information concerning actions and policies of the Common Council.
  • Keeps record of proceedings at Board of Review Hearings.
  • Processes and routes City Claims.
  • Maintains the Municipal Code Book.
  • Prepares minutes for the meetings of the Common Council & Ordinance & License Committee.
  • Collects real estate and personal property taxes.
  • Collects payments for health insurance
  • Collects payments for a variety of City invoices.
  • Administers Oath of Office for a variety of appointments.
  • Publish and post ordinances, resolutions and public hearing notices.
  • Provides Notary Services for City of Waukesha departments.
  • Processes Special Assessment Letters.
  • Attends related training meetings or conferences as required.
  • Performs all other duties required by law, ordinance or lawful direction of the City Council, & comply with policies of the City of Waukesha.




Click here to view an Ordinance Repealing and Recreating Sections 16.03 and 16.07 of the Municipal Code, and Creating Sections 16.031, 16.071 and 16.073 of the Municipal Code, Regarding Building Permit Issuance and Fees.


Click here to view an Ordinance Repealing Subsection (5) of Section 9.11 of the Waukesha Municipal Code, Regarding the Service of Fermented Malt Beverages in Class "B" Premises.


Click here to view an Ordinance Repealing Section 16.15 of the Municipal Code, and Amending Subsections (64) and (69) of Section 22.05 of the Municipal Code, Regarding the Allowable Number of Kitchens in Dwelling Units.

ORDINANCE NO. 8-15 (Sober Server)

Click here to view an Ordinance creation Section 9.112 of the Waukesha Municipal Code, regarding the Prohibition of Intoxication of Alcohol Beverage Licensees and Employees while on duty.



City of Waukesha Clerk-Treasurer Office
201 Delafield Street - Inside City Hall Room 104
Waukesha, WI  53188

Clerk: (262) 524-3550
Treasurer: (262) 524-3850
Fax: (262) 524-3888