Block Parent Program

Block Parent Program

What is the purpose of the block parent program?

The purpose of this program is to provide "Safe Houses" within every neighborhood in the City of Waukesha. The bright green smiley face sign indicates that every adult resident at that address has been approved by the police department. They are ready and willing to help people in need.

Children are taught in elementary schools about the Block Parent sign, what it means and when they should seek help. A video presentation is available at all elementary schools to help explain this program to them.

How can you help?

Explain the Block Parent sign to each of your children and be sure they know when to use these homes for help. Contact the elementary school nearest your home to volunteer your service. Each School has a Block Parent chairperson who will be glad to help you sign up as a volunteer.

Why have a Block Parent?

My son saw the Block Parent sign in a window and knew this was a safe house to find help when he fell and injured his arm.

When my car broke down late at night, I felt comfortable about asking for help at a home displaying the Block Parent sign.

The Block Parent signs in our neighborhood seem to discourage would-be bullies and molesters.

Being a Block Parent is a wonderful way to serve your school and community without leaving your home.

What does the Block Parent Sign Means to Children?

Here is a place I can go for help and it will gladly be given.

This person will help me if I'm in a accident, in trouble, lost or frightened.

If you are interested in becoming a Block Parent contact the school in your district or the Waukesha Police Department for further information.