Office of the City Attorney

The City Attorney handles all of the City's legal work, including:

  • Prosecuting municipal code violations
  • Drafting ordinances
  • Reviewing and drafting contracts between the City and private parties or other governments
  • Providing legal advice to the Common Council and City departments
  • Prosecuting and defending lawsuits involving the City

The City Attorney's office is composed of the City Attorney, a full-time Assistant City Attorney, three part-time Assistant City Attorneys, and two administrative assistants.  The goal of the office is to function as a full-service law firm within City Hall, providing top-quality legal counsel to its client, the City of Waukesha.  Our staff is experienced and professional, and is focused on ensuring that the City is always in compliance with the vast array of statutory, regulatory and court-determined laws that control municipalities, and that the City is always well-represented in every legal matter.

Citizens and businesses in the City are always encouraged to contact our office with their comments and concerns.