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News and Updates

FREE Organic Lawn and Leaf Care Workshop coming to Waukesha Public Library!

On September 18th at 7:00 p.m. at the Waukesha Public Library the Waukesha County Recycling office will be presenting a FREE organic lawn and leaf care workshop!  In this workshop, you will learn how to handle large amounts of fallen leaves without burning, raking, piling, bagging or dragging. Find out the steps to organically improve your lawn and why fall is the best time to do it!  No registration required.  Hope to see you there!

NEW Household Hazardous Waste collection hours

The Household Hazardous Waste collection hours, located at 900 Sentry Dr. (back of the old incinerator) are now the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month, from 8 a.m. - 12 noon.  Please note: access this garage behind the old incinerator by entering south of the City of Waukesha Drop-Off Center (it's not the same entrance).

NEW Drop-Off Center now accepting cooking oil

Residents may now bring cooking oil to the Drop-Off Center for recycling!  This new offering is a partnership with Cream City Fuels in Milwaukee to collect and recycle cooking oil into biofuels.  This is a free drop off option for all Waukesha County residents!

Garbage Service General Information

The City of Waukesha facilitates residential garbage and bulky trash item pick up.  The service is contracted to a private hauler.  Residents have pick up Monday through Friday, depending on their location in the city.

Garbage must be set out on the terrace near the street in neat piles no earlier than noon the day before pick up (5 p.m. in downtown area).  Bags or cans may be used; the weight of any given bag or can should not exceed 50 pounds.

Recycling Service General Information

The City of Waukesha is proud to participate in a strong recycling program.  Per state law and city ordinance, residents, schools, government buildings, public spaces and businesses alike must recycle.

The City facilitates the residential household recycling service, which is contracted to a private hauler.  Residents are to use blue bins to recycle their material.  All bottles/cans/cartons must be loose in the blue bin and all paper/cardboard must be bundled, most often in a brown paper grocery bag.


Residents are welcome to view the following links to historical statistics for garbage and recycling in the city of Waukesha.  In general, city tax dollars pay for basic collection of material and also by-the-pound for garbage.  Recycling generates revenue by-the-pound.  Tax dollars are saved with residents Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle more.