Make Online Payments


Make Online Payments

The Waukesha Municipal Court (The Court) declares that information obtained from this Internet site does not constitute the official record of the Court. Information on this site may be subject to error or omission. If you believe that any of the data contained in this database is inaccurate, please notify the court in writing.

Before you can proceed you must acknowledge this disclaimer and agree that neither the Court nor the City of Waukesha are liable in any way for the accuracy or validity of the information provided.

Important Information

This site allows you to make payments on Waukesha Municipal Court cases with a balance due. If you wish to make a payment on a Court installment plan, make the payment against any case on the plan and you will be credited appropriately.

You can pay with any Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card. This includes credit cards, debit cards, and check cards. You will be charged a fee for paying online. Payments may be made at the Waukesha Municipal Court, room 201. Payment will not be accepted via phone.

There are several reasons why your case may not appear on this site. Below are some explanations of why that may be and places to go for more information.

1. Your traffic or municipal citation has not been filed with the court. If you do not wish to contest the citation you can pay the amount shown on the ticket after 7 business days of receiving your citation. Select continue on the bottom of this page to access the online payment.

2. You want to pay a parking citation. Information on paying parking citations that are not contested can be found here.

3. Your case is actually filed in a different court. If you think your case may be a County of Waukesha Case, you may contact Waukesha County at (262) 548-7494.

4. The case you are trying to pay involves a juvenile defendant. According to law, juvenile records are sealed. Therefore, the cases cannot be referenced by this site. However, you can make payments at 201 Delafield Street, Room 201.

5. If the information lists "Collection Agency" you must contact HE Stark Agency at (877) 274-7764 or

6. YOUR LICENSE IS SUSPENDED FOR FAILURE TO PAYOnce you pay online you will need to wait 48 to 72 hours (business days) for the Court to receive the monies and report to the Department of Transportation.  You will then need to pay the reinstatement fee in person at the Department of Transportation or online at

Select "Continue" to make a payment.

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